Generation Mindful is something you would love as much as I do – I am confident in this! Started by a mom, it is a simple, clear, fun, and beautiful product to keep emotional intelligence, control, and mindfulness, well, on our minds.

Unlike most of the resources available, Gen M brings an actual product into the home that physically stays there. It is intended to involve both the parent and the child. It consists of several physical items (as well as a couple of downloads) all intended to create what they call a “calming corner.” The main components are 3 posters, filled with strategies that kids can use to calm their big emotions. It is pretty to look at and is perfect to create a consistent place for kids to go when their emotions are too big to deal with.

Also included is a deck of cards to use in various ways as a game to bring fun and mindfulness together.

I love how this kit brings easy ways for us to interact with our kids in helping them develop emotional intelligence. What I don’t know yet is how long the “calming corner” will hold its charm. My kids are super excited about it now but I think I might have to keep rearranging the corner, bringing in new small elements, to keep them interested. Time will tell.

But for now – it’s working and it’s fun and go get one!