Activity Cards

This fun deck of 55 super sized cards is a great way to get the kids excited about practicing mindfulness! Susan Kaisar Greenland wrote “The Mindful Child” and has a beautiful website that promotes mindfulness and emotional health in children and adults. She has a pretty impressive bio, and you can check out her work at You won’t regret it.

Back to the cards… My kids love to randomly choose a card and take turns doing “their” activity with the rest of us. Some of them are quiet activities and some are a little more active – but all of them help the kids stay present and practice how to be mindful.

Some of the activities require a simple prop such as a stuffy, a piece of food, and other easy to acquire items. Other cards feature activities that require just kids and time!

I love that the cards are good quality and sturdy. They don’t feel cheap to hold and will last the test of a child’s touch.

This is such an easy, fun, low pressure way to have fun and share mindfulness with our kids.

Check it out!