When I first decided to homeschool my kids, I should I have started a “homeschool curriculum review” blog. After all, I intricately researched, purchased, and was convinced of the supremacy of an uncounted number of products. Spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, etc etc. I was convinced that each new curriculum was the answer to creating super smart kids. Soon enough, I all but ditched the traditional curriculum and realized that there must be ways that my kids could practice reading and writing that were both enjoyable and enriching to their minds and characters.

The answer came through a Facebook ad! Big Life Journal. I did my thing and researched it and knew it would be a fit. This time, I was right.

The Big Life Journal is beautiful, and who doesn’t love to look at beauty? The drawings, colours and layout were appealing to my 9 year old right away. It does’t feel like “work” when she opens it up. It is divided into 26 weeks, each with a story of an inspiring person that fits with the theme of the activities for the week. There is space provided to answer questions about the child’s experiences, hopes, and desires. It provides the opportunity for the child to realize she has a brain that can grow, that can learn, and that doesn’t remain the same.

Through this one of a kind journal, my daughter is learning a mindset that will help her in life far more than the 27 grammar books I have in my cupboard. The stories she reads give her reading practice, yes – but at the same time open her mind and expand her thinking in a way that the typical literacy readers never did.

I want to be clear. This is not only good for homeschoolers. This is simply a wonderful resource for kids ages 7 to 10. And now, newly released, is the Big Life Journal for Teens (ages 11 and over.) In addition, their web site offers many printables for purchase that are worth checking out. FINALLY, you can sign up for an email list that will send you a free (and beautiful) printable every Friday.

Check it out. Seriously. Maybe your kids need it as much as mine do.