Look good.

Before you click away in disgust, give me a quick sneeze to explain. I spent a good decade with frizzy hair, no makeup, mismatched socks, my husband’s T shirt thrown on, and sweat pants pulled up nice and high, if I made it to pants at all. I became comfortable accepting packages from the delivery man pant-less and I threw on a baseball cap to dress myself up if I had to go to the grocery store. I felt very saintly through it all, patting myself on my un-showered back for not being vain or worldly.

Well, sisters, I have changed my mind and figured out how to dress myself as a human. I’ve tutored myself in what makeup I need to look great and how to apply it. I may not always wear it, but I can when I want to. I take time to tame the frizz and shave areas that just feel better shaven. In short, I use a mirror.

Every day. Each day. Even if I plan to do no more than read to my kids, do the payroll, get to the grocery store, and go for a run. Each and every day I get dressed and groom myself to feel good.


I want to feel good about myself. And frankly, I’m not cool enough to feel good about myself, to feel confident in myself, if I look like I just stepped off a cross globe flight.

When I like the way I look, it translates to the way I act every single time. Patience, kindness, gentleness, motivation, and drive step it up a notch.

The result? My kids aren’t embarrassed of me. I am a better mom. But even more importantly, I feel equipped to handle my life with enthusiasm and capability in all arenas.

So take off those sweats once in a while (ok, unless they’re those designer ones that are super cute) and pull a brush through your hair. Trust me on this one – it’s worth it.