Tapping is also known as EFP – Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a method used to reduce stress, anxiety and worry. It is also claimed to help control weight issues, chronic pain, and addiction. Basically, it is supposed to help with all the negative emotional issues we deal with. Sounds pretty great to me!

But does it work?

First let’s look at the process a little closer. The Tapping Solution is a modern company that has brought EFT to the public in an easy to understand way. Founded by Nick Ortner, it is a user friendly delivery of the information in the attempt to help the general public. According to www.thetappingsolution.com, tapping uses the mind-body connection to help heal and calm. In short, when faced with a negative or stressful emotional response, the subject taps with his fingertip on specific “meridian” endpoints of the body while focusing on these negative emotions. It is claimed that this overrides the amygdala’s typical fight or flight response. Instead of freezing or running away from our stresses, tapping opens up the energy pathways and allows us to respond to situations from a balanced point of energy.

Sound a little hoo-hoo to you-hoo too-hoo?

Well. Call me crazy, but that didn’t stop me from buying the book. I never did mind a little bonkers in my life. The Tapping Solution for Parents, Children, and Teenagers now graces my nightstand. The delivery man almost needed a dolly to roll it up my driveway – it is no pansy. At 405 oversized small print pages, I will be referencing it more than consuming the whole thing. But the way the book began stopped me for a moment before I realized that maybe tapping is something that could directly benefit my oldest child.

The book begins by addressing that children often feel anxiety and stress in the forms of headaches and stomach aches. My daughter experiences headaches and stomach aches. I’m admittedly ashamed to even admit that, because admitting that your child struggles feels synonymous to admitting failure as a parent. Twisted thinking and completely inaccurate, but nevertheless a temptation. But to realize that this is her body’s response and way of saying it needs help is an important step.

The first section of the book explains how parents can help children cultivate inner peace, then moves to an overview of how to tap with children. Then the resource part! It goes through many different stressful childhood experience categories and specifically describes how to use tapping to help alleviate some of the stress. Divorce. Bullying. School Jitters. Sleep. General Anxiety. There are so many more.

Then, because I get caught up and excited very easily, I purchased the book written by Alex Ortner, Nick Ortner’s brother! It is a kids’ picture book called “Gorilla Thumps & Bear Hugs” and is a beautifully illustrated story about children using the tapping solution to help with their stresses. I read it to my ten year old, who is typically interested only in all things Harry Potter, and she was tapping along with it unprompted.

But back to the hee-haw-woozie schmoozie. Is it actually anything or are we just being tricked into thinking we can handle things? (Side note – I am not above being tricked into feeling better – sometimes we just need a little push toward what we actually want to be to, well, become what we actually want to be.) The Tapping Solution gang knows that it seems a little crazy. They have compiled different research and evidence based anecdotes to ease our minds. Follow this link: https://www.thetappingsolution.com/science-research/.

The Tapping Solution – I will continue to explore its effectiveness for our family. If you want to try it out, visit here (www.thetappingsolution.com) for general information, here

to buy the big old rock of a book, and here

to pick up a copy of the illustrated kids’ book that just might get you all tapping together.

Or visit your library – that’s FREE!

Carry on, my friends. Tap on, dear warriors. Tap on.