This is a blog recommending another blog that you will now have to find more time that you already don’t have so that you can enjoy it. But if you are anything like me (and the chances are good that we at least share some commonalities) then you will fall in love with Jordan Reid too.

If you go to you will find a beautiful woman. Admittedly, I am often tempted to click away here, especially if I haven’t gotten dressed yet and my hair is having its normal day and my face is breaking out like a hormonal teenager. But since I heard Jordan on my favourite podcast (Atomic Moms) I dug a little deeper. Her site is full of fun and helpful tips for a mother of young kids. She is honest, vibrant, succeeding, failing, smiling and crying. She shows it all and shares it fully. She’s a gorgeous woman who knows how to dress herself – yet she is relatable.

You will enjoy her writing AND her videos. You will get to know her and have a new friend that you don’t have to actually spend in person time with. Because, let’s be honest, we’d rather cuddle up on the couch, right?!

From making slime (which I do not need more of caked into my furniture), to how she deals with incessant and excessive insomnia, to how she and her equally gorgeous husband decided to get a divorce amidst her success as a writer, you will likely find yourself invested in her and her kiddos. And perhaps you can glean some takeaways for your own child rearing and adulting experiences.

Finally, she has some books that she authored that you just might love as much as I do.

The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People, found here:

This book is mostly just for fun. Being pregnant as a whale has its moments of struggle (or constancy of struggle) and a little bright light of hope and humour and fun. Mixed in are some great tidbits and knowledge that can help you make it to d-day while maintaining some sanity.

The next, and more recent book is The Big Activity Book for Anxious People, found here:

Now. Jordan Reid is an anxious person, so she knows. I have a feeling she knows what it is like to convince our sweet selves we have every googled symptom of every dreaded disease and what it is like to lie in bed all night worried about how we said that thing we said to that person we said it to. She knows. She understands. And she provides a great activity book to help us see some perspective and laugh a little at ourselves while still maintaining respect for our struggle.

A mom needs to take care of herself. Jordan Reid will help her do just that.