Did you know that we have a rainbow on our hearts that connects us to everyone we love?

In the video “I Miss My Friends” Emerald shares this wisdom from her mom. When we are together with others, our hearts make a small rainbow between us. When we are separated from the people or animals we love and miss, our rainbow hearts are still connected, but are just much bigger, making a giant rainbow between us!

When changes to our lives disrupt our routine and we aren’t able to be with the people we enjoy being with, it can be challenging for both adults and children. Perhaps your kids have been missing people in their lives right now.

How can we help our kids connect to the friends and family that they miss?
Inspired by the wonderful book, The Invisible String by Patrice Karst about an invisible string made of love that connects us all, Emerald says that we can let those we miss know by putting a little sparkle on our rainbow hearts.

Here’s How:
Take 3 deep breaths.
Breath 1: close your eyes and focus on your rainbow heart
Breath 2: think about the person or animal that you miss
Breath 3: put a little sparkle on your rainbow heart (just by wiggling your fingers) and send it out

They will feel the sparkle in their heart and can send it right back to you!
Give it a try!
Take care of your rainbow hearts, forest friends!